when God uses us


In my Theology of Worship class today, we had a discussion about how common it is for Christians to say, “Wow, God really used me today…”  We discussed the danger in making this our meditation.  We should rejoice in the work of God, who is bringing people into a greater delight in Him through the gospel.  However, is this really why we say things like this?  Are we praising God because He did a wonderful thing and we are able to enjoy it?  Or are we glorying in our own role in what God has done?

Here is the litmus test: Would we be just as delighted if we were able to witness God accomplishing that same work through someone else?

It is still true that we should have joy in God using us.  In light of our personal acquaintance with the gravity of our own sin, we should be amazed and rejoice that God can use even us. All things considered, if we are rejoicing in the work of God, then it should be inconsequential who He chooses to use.  If we are rejoicing in ourselves, then we will have joy when we are used by God, and we will be prone to jealousy when God chooses to use others.

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  1. 1 Daniel Mims

    That’s a good word(man I wish I was the one who thought of it)jk keep writing!

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